Do You Enjoy Garden Maintenance?

Have you ever wondered if you could wave a magic wand, which would just get your garden looking great, and staying that way?

Have you found yourself asking that question as you survey that overgrown lawn and dread the Saturday morning lawn-mowing task yet again after a week at work?

Busy people who are off to work every week love to relax in the garden and have friends round but if you find that keeping a nice garden to enjoy means that garden maintenance is a never ending business then give ASAP a call! 


Garden Maintenance is never ending....

If getting the barbecue out for a simple afternoon’s entertainment means hours of preparation to get your garden looking less like a jungle, it’s time to call in ASAP’s friendly garden maintenance team!

There are always maintenance jobs like mowing, weeding and hedge trimming to be done if you have a garden and most of them involve a lot of physical effort!  Yearly jobs such as pruning or picking fruit trees, planting bulbs and borders can't be put off... lawn mowing needs to be done regularly in Summer sometimes twice a week, you'll be uncomfortably bending down weeding your borders and in the Autumn you need to trim hedges and trees, clear leaves and debris, in winter you can tidy up, fix fencing, clear debris, dig out unwanted plants.  In winter there are always dead leaves to sweep up and mucky jobs to be done in the cold when most people would prefer to be indoors.  However, help is at hand!


Call Your Local Garden Maintenance Team!

 ASAP Waste Logistics have an energetic team available to carry out all aspects of garden maintenance and we’ll get those jobs done quickly and efficiently for you. Whether you want:

  • lawn mowing,
  • edge trimming
  • manual digging and rotovation
  • hedge trimming,
  • weeding of borders and pathways
  • small tree and shrub cutting and pruning
  • conifer trimming or removal
  • fruit trees pruning
  • jet pressure washing of your driveway and patio
  • fences mended
  • paths relaid     or more....


Our cheerful and friendly general garden maintenance team can help you manage your garden if you can’t.   We clear away and dispose of the rubbish for you and our rates are very competitive, per job or per hour, we will discuss what budget you have available and come up with an arrangement that suits.

So instead of spending your precious weekends and holidays on garden maintenance, if it’s getting too much for you, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to give you a quote for as much gardening help as you need, whether it’s a one off garden clearance or a regular scheme of garden maintenance with you.

Call us ASAP for all your gardening needs – for friendly, quick and great value gardening services.